Michael, Frank, and Hawkeye

Michael, Frank, and Hawkeye

More than 1,500 action figures and 10,000 comics make up my collection. I’ve been collecting toys and comics since I can remember. Every Friday after school, my father would take me to the comic book store. And so the habit began.

The action figure collection featured here began about 10 years ago. My childhood toys didn’t survive my childhood, including all the He-Man, Ninja Turtles, and old Toy Biz era Marvel figures. Now I focus almost exclusively on Marvel Legends and select DC figures.

Marvel No-PrizeAs Marvel seems to publish characters faster than I can get figures of them, I don’t foresee ending collecting any time soon. I have about 500 customs, made by myself or an online purchase helping expand my universe. I invest more in my action figures while moving my reading habits to digital so as not to expand the comic collection too much more. These are the trade-offs of adulthood.

My prized possession is my No-Prize signed by Stan Lee. I won it in 1998 for an error I found in Spectacular Spider-Man #251. My husband, Frank, had it framed for me with an image from the comic and the story behind it. 

It’s taken me a long time to get to this version of my collection. I’m very happy and thankful (particularly to my husband) that I have the space to showcase what is without question, an absurd about of comics and figures. For those curious, here are some images from my displays of the past.

Geek Room 1.0

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Green Lanterns and Cosmic Marvel

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